Feldenkrais Method


FEEL better

Your postural habits can limit what you can really do. Habits can become inappropriate, and inadequate use of your body is tiring, even unhealthy in the long run. With fluent, learn to move more freely and more spontaneously.

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bessere Performance

PERFORM better

Efficient use of your body will improve the quality of your physical and creative performance. You are operating in challenging positions (dentists, musicians, designers...)? You rely on your body to act, present or create (dancers, presenters)? With fluent, learn how your body can support you for better performance.



CREATE better

Using and appreciating an object or a space requires the user to interact with it: (s)he needs to move. Yet the way a person moves is as individual as  handwriting or their DNA. With fluent experience and integrate this knowledge for better creative work, such as design of furniture or conception of living or working spaces.

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