My utmost concern is that you feel better with an Individual lesson at my studio. If you are hesitant about coming during these Covid-times, we can schedule an individual remote session via skype or zoom.

If you are happy to come, you may want to know that my studio in Leça da Palmeira is specially set for Individual lessons. It is separated from the rest of the house, cleaned thoroughly and aired regularly after each session. Please come with your own mask to the appointment and I will be wearing mine throughout the session. I would ask you to wash/disinfect your hands after arrival, the adjacent bathroom offers soap, freshly cleaned towels and disinfectant
You are welcome to bring your own towel or sheet if you wish. Comfortable end sufficiently warm clothing (warm socks) is important, as you will not be very active and being too cold will block your capacity to sense finely.


Currently I offer group lessons via skype or zoom for up to 9 participants. You will find updated information on the schedule and the topics of these lessons on and by contacting me directly via [email protected] or +351 937 840 246

For customised group lessons please contact me directly