Feldenkrais Method

Move, Feel & Create Better

More potential and creativity – The moment that moving starts feeling easy.

Curious about the Feldenkrais method?

"Nothing happens until something moves" (Einstein)

Work with a certified Feldenkrais Teacher to expand your movement repertoire.

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What we offer

Natural, better ways of moving.    A clearer image of your self.    Well-being.   For flexible and creative thinking.   

Feldenkrais Method

Natural, organic movement which your body was designed for.

Creative Research

Use your entire body during the research process


Better observe and empathise with clients and users of your creations


“After a few minutes I realised that my body had been fragmented, and with few movements, facilitated by Nicole, I was starting to connects all the parts making them one.”

Silvia S.
Feldenkrais method

“I have realised that my brain begins to activate and my entire body becomes awake.”

Silke M.
Feldenkrais method

“I have struggled with poor posture my entire life. If there is a program or an exercise to change that, I have tried it. This past winter I started regular sessions with Nicole, and somehow, via whatever magic she uses (while insisting it isn’t her doing the work) my posture finally – at age 70 – has notable and sustained improvement. This without painful sessions or workouts.

Posture is what got me there, but since everything is connected my entire body has benefits from these sessions. Everything just works better, moves better. I wish I could describe exactly what happens in a session with Nicole, but it’s difficult to explain. All I can say is that all of her maneuvers and touches are subtle, gentle, yet somehow you feel quite remodeled at the end.

As I left my last session I caught a glimpse of a woman walking – reflected in a shop window. Despite her silver hair she was loose limbed, head high, back naturally aligned.  Much to my surprise it was me!”

Susan F.
Feldenkrais method

“Unless you do it, you don’t understand.
You don’t see from the outside what you do – it all happens inside.”

Catarina M.

“I noticed that my sensory capabilities increased during the design process.”

João B.
Creative Research

“We need to understand first how the body moves to then design the object. You don’t understand immediately. You get conscious of it.”

João V.

“The workshops are a powerful tool for us.”

João V.
Creative Research

“Observe better in order to reach a wider number of people.”

Mariana F.

“We develop a notion of how we use ourselves – which we did not have before.”

Renata S.
Creative Research & UserFeel



Individual Feldenkrais classes (English, German, French, Portuguese)

More info: nicole@fluent.pt

by appointment

FLUENT MOVES, Studio Maria Calma, Matosinhos (in English & Portuguese)

More info: info@mariacalma.com

11:00 AM

MOUVEMENT & CRÉATION, The Hidden Space, Porto (in English&French)

10:00 AM

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