Hello, I am Nicole, certified Feldenkrais Teacher and member of the German Feldenkrais Association.
The History

A never-ending journey of discovery.

I work with the Feldenkrais method in my studio, online and hold workshops at Art Schools and cultural venues in Europe (KABK, Den Haag, ESAD, Porto). I continue consulting in marketing and brand positioning as managing partner of the agency Brand Reveal. My role is that of a catalyst who brings out what makes the person (or brand) special and unique.

My encounter with the Feldenkrais method dates back to 2007. Through regular practice and study of the method I soon found better mobility and novel creativity in solving issues. Fascinated by the potential which the method holds, I took on the 4-year training and graduated as Feldenkrais teacher in 2018 from the Chava Shelhav Institute in Germany. Since then I work with the Feldenkrais method in private practice and have specialised in working with professioals of the creative industries. Here I adapt the Feldenkrais method to the context of creation and design in what I call Design Research Through Movement and UserFeel.
The most precious and enjoyable moments of my work are when clients and students discover hidden capabilities, when they notice what they achieve – by reducing effort in the way they move.


When I am not with clients, I move about and explore, I make food, I love playing with languages, and never correctly use English, Portuguese, French and German.


What I've discovered

Working and learning with the Feldenkrais method I’ve discovered many benefits that come with this practice.

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