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Individual or one-to-one sessions last about 60 – 75 minutes.

One-to-one or group classes or workshops need a warm and comfortable venue with sufficient floorspace. If your home offers the right conditions for the number of participants, then it’s perfect.

Feldenkrais is a learning method, not a treatment. You learn how to improve your way of living, so that health problems (especially those related to movement habits) or accidents can be prevented. If you already suffer from a health-problem, for example: back-pain, you learn how to organise your posture and movements to alleviate the pain and avoid that your situation gets worse.

Often we think of creativity as being limited to an activity which we situate in the brain. However, the brain cannot function without its entire organism, our body. Moreover, the brain is in constant information exchange with all peripheral areas of the body to receive input about the immediate surroundings, and to act and move within them. Working on one’s movement therefore addresses organic functioning at its most fundamental manner. The nervous system, emotions, thinking and, therefore, creative skills can be addressed via conscious and aware movement.

Yes. Because you work on improving from the most basic to the most refined movement organisation. The Feldenkrais method is also a helpful complement to improve flexibility for practices such as Yoga.

Both Yoga and Pilates are practices. In Yoga we often aim towards reaching a known position, a figure. Feldenkrais is a learning method for “how to learn”. Not repetition or imitation, but slow, stress-less, conscious exploration and understanding of how a movement is organised in one’s individual body, is its purpose. Learning happens in favourable conditions, that is, when it’s easy, pleasurable, interesting and Feldenkrais classes produce these conditions.