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With Creative Research you learn to consciously use your entire body for the research phase of a creative project. Unfamiliar movements let you explore the yet unthought of. The entire body can find solutions which the brain alone is incapable of thinking.  

Creative research Through Movement

Any design project will typically include one or several phases in which the designer actively investigates, explores and searches.
Such active exploration will inevitably involve movement, basic human functional movement, because any action, per se, includes movement. If the designer feels blocked, uncomfortable or even senses pain, creative output will suffer.

Personal well-being and ease are therefore important to designers, not only for personal, but for professional motives.

However, Creative Research Through Movement with the Feldenkrais method goes beyond improving the personal well-being: goal-free, unbiased exploration, without stress and carried out with full awareness encourages finding yet unknown, better possibilities, truly new solutions. This somatic way of experimenting and learning bears similarities with abductive research during the initial phases of a design process where unbiased insights need to emerge.

Questions like How do my own movement patterns affect my creative research process? will be asked. Greater sensory motor awareness in relation to oneself will improve physical flexibility, and, consequently, foster flexible, conceptual thinking. This is because all sensations, emotions and thoughts are interconnected through movement in the nervous system.

Creative Research Through Movement is available as individual sessions or in the format of group workshops which deal with a specific design aspect.

Promotes better self-care
Unleashes creativity by offering goal-free movement research
Identifies restrictive habits
Sharpens senses for subtle discernment

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