On 27 April 2016, the European Parliament published a new regulation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of their personal data and the free movement of such data, designated by the General Data Protection REGULATION (EU) 2016/ 679 of the European Parliament and Council). This regulation enters into force on 25 May 2018 and repeals Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of personal data.

Responsible for Data Processing and responsible for Data Protection

Fluent is the entity responsible for the fluent.pt website and for all the services made available here to the Data Subjects, as well as on other websites of the same domain. The use of these websites and the services available to Data Subjects may involve the performance of personal data processing activities.


Nicole Schumann

Rua Heroís de África 222,
4450-687 Matosinhos/Porto, Portugal


+351 937 840 246

For the purposes of the prosecution of any right related to the protection of data or privacy or any other subject of same kind, in particular the reporting of incidents or submission of complaints, the Data Subjects can contact the Responsible for Data Processing or the Data Protection Office using the contacts above, describing the reason for the contact and indicating the possible points of contact for the required response (telephone contact, e-mail address or other).

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

On the website fluent.pt and other websites of this domain are collected personal data when the Data Subjects activate some services and functionalities. These personal data can be provided by the Data Subjects so they can take advantages of these services or functionalities, it can be the result of their use, including access, consultings or other transactions.

Within the scope of the mentioned services and functionalities, is collected personal data of various categories such as name, address, email, company name, telephone number or other personal identifiers can be collected and processed. Before or during the activities of collection and processing of personal data, the Data Subject will always be informed of the purpose of the collection of personal data, how it will be processed and who will be the recipients. It will always be required the consent of the data owners for the collection and processing of their personal data. The personal data collected by Fluent in the context of its websites are processed by computer means, manually and, if applicable, automatically, on the ambit of the management of the relationship with the Data Subjects, always in accordance with the General Regulation on Data Protection and other applicable national and Community legislation.


In its websites, Fluent uses cookies with the purpose of improving the performance and browsing experience of the natural visitors of its websites and users of the services available here, increasing the speed and efficiency of navigation response and also eliminating the need for Data Subjects to repeatedly enter the same information.

Contact form

At Fluent websites there are contact forms that provide a point of direct communication with the company. If a Data Subject contacts Fluent using the contact form personal data will be stored automatically and will only be used by Fluent to contact the Data Subject to respond to your request. This personal data will only be processed and maintained as long as it is applicable in the context of the contact initiated by the Data Subject. This personal data will not be used for other purposes or transmitted to third parties.

Rights of Data Subjects

In the context of the use of the websites, the services and functionalities provided by Fluent, Data Subjects may, at any time exercise their data protection and privacy rights, namely: accessing their personal data; rectify inaccurate or incomplete data; request the deletion of your personal data, if permitted by law; revoke any consent to the collection and processing of data that has been made; request the portability of your data; and limit or oppose the processing of your personal data, under the terms and conditions of the General Regulation on Data Protection and applicable additional legislation.

All requests for the exercise of data protection and privacy rights by Data Subjects must be prepared by the Data Subjects and written to Fluent through the contacts made available in this Policy.

Privacy Policy Update

On the way to compliance with the General Regulation on Data Protection and applicable legislation in the area of Data Protection and Privacy, Fluent may, at any time, make adjustments or changes to this Privacy Policy, these changes being duly advertised.